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2016 Teck Regional Camp Schedule

The Teck Regional Camp Program is an integral part of a progressive provincial athlete development system. It targets athletes 9 to 14 years of age, and provides an affordable, accessible step into CCBC's Provincial Camp Program. Camps help skiers learn ski related technical skills, teamwork, self-reliance and good eating habits. They motivate, promote friendships, influence lifestyle choices and provide positive exposure to activities that encourage physical fitness. For more information contact the CCBC Office at (250) 545-9600 or adcoord@crosscountrybc.ca


Apr 29-         Teck Regional Spring Camp
May 2               Mt Washington, BC
                        Head Coach: Andrea Stapff
                        Contact: Andrea Stapff

July 15-17    Teck Regional Summer Camp
                        Whistler, BC
                        Head Coaches: Jake Weaver & Graham Maclean 
                        Contact: Jake Weaver

Sept 9-11     Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp
                        Courtenay, BC
                        Head Coach: Andrea Stapff
                        Contact: Andrea Stapff

Sept 16-18   Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp
                        Whistler, BC
                        Head Coach: Jake Weaver 
                        Contact: Jake Weaver

Dec 2-4       Teck Regional Snow Camp
                        Whistler, BC
                        Head Coach TBD 
                        Contact: Suki Cheyne

Dec 27-30    Teck Regional Snow Camp
                        Mt Washington, BC              
                        Head Coach: Andrea Stapff
                        Co ntact: Andrea Stapff


Sept 30-       Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp
Oct 2                Prince George, BC
                        Head Coach: Graeme Moore
                        Contact: TBA

Jan 7-8        Teck Regional Snow Camp
                        Smithers, BC
                        Head Coaches: Lisa Perry
                        Contact: Lisa Perry


Sept 30-       Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp
Oct 2                Kimberley, BC  
                        Head Coaches: Frank Ackermann & Graham Maclean 
                        Contact:  Frank Ackermann

Dec 4-5        Teck Regional Snow Camp - CANCELLED
                        Fernie, BC
                        Head Coach: Graham Maclean
                        Contact: Clark Weber


Sept 16-18    Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp
                        Kelowna, BC
                        Head Coach: Adam Elliot
                        Contact: Adam Elliot

Nov 18-20     Teck Regional Snow Camp #1
                        Vernon, BC
                        Head Coach: Adam Elliot
                        Contact: Adam Elliot