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Canada Points List (CPL) Publication

a)    All FIS and CCC sanctioned races will be included in the CPL provided the appropriate race information (results) are forwarded to the FIS/CCC before the CPL publication deadlines (see below).

b)    Only current licence holders at the time of the competition are awarded points.

c)    CCC creates both a Distance Points List (DPL) and a Sprint Points List (SPL). These lists will be based on the top international skier and will rank all FIS licence and Canadian licence holders based on CPL calculations. The standard lists will include points from all races in the 365 days preceding the publication date. A competitor who did not compete for more than one year since the last considered results, will loose all CPL points earned.

d)    Publication release dates (aligned with FIS Points List publications as much as possible)

1st  list:  Nov 28th, 2014
2nd list: Jan 2nd, 2015
3rd list:  Jan 21st, 2015
4th list:  Feb 13th, 2015
5th list:  Mar 11th, 2015
6th list:  Apr 7th, 2015

To veiw current and past CPL Lists - click on CPL Database

For more detailed information about CPL calculations and seeding - click on http://www.cccski.com/Events/Points.aspx