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Roller Skiing

Given roller skiing's strong growth across the country and Cross Country Canada's goal to promote this discipline, this section provides info on its history, available programs, competitions, equipment and useful links.

Roller Skiing - Introduction:

Introducing Young Athletes to Roller Skiing:

Roller Skiing - Programs:

Roller Skiing - Racing:

Roller Skiing - Equipment

Roller Skiing - Links and Resources

Roller Ski Rocks! Program

Tier 2 Roller Ski Event Technical Package:

Risk management guidelines for roller skiing: 

CCC/CCBC Liability Insurance Guidelines for roller skiing: 

Notes Regarding Roller-Ski Training

   a)     Coverage is provided for roller-skiing as a training activity.  This includes coach-organized and directed individual time trials.
   b)     Roller-skiing is to be conducted in accordance with approved policies governing this activity at the level (national, division or club) at which it takes place.
   c)     Guidelines as outlined in CCC Policy 2.1.5 Roller Skiing must be adhered to as a minimum guide unless otherwise defined.

Notes Regarding Roller-Ski Competitions

  a)   Coverage is provided for roller-skiing competitions as long as the member organizer adheres to the CCC Policy 2.2.1 Competition Sanctioning and Registration, the competition is registered through CCBC with CCC, and the Organizing Committee OC) follows the following precautions in addition to those outlined in CCC Policy 2.1.5 Roller Skiing:trained race officials must be in place and be overseen by a CCC appointed Technical Advisor, qualified medical or Para-medical support personnel must be on site for scheduled training and racing,

·      no traffic other than official OC vehicles is permitted on the race course during the competition and official training times,
·      access points to the race course must be barricaded off and supervised for the duration of the competition, and
·      local traffic authority has been notified and approval provided for all road closures.