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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To achieve international excellence by the establishment and maintenance of programs and activities to support an integrated athlete development system up to the National Ski Team level.

To develop and maintain support structures for the delivery of cross-country ski programs (recreational through to competitive) to a broad cross section of the community.

Our Mandate

To provide provincial programming for the continuous development of cross-country skiing, from the introductory experience to national excellence, for participants of all ages and abilities, fostering the principles of ethical conduct and fair play.

Our Vision

It takes a ski community to raise Olympic medallists.  Cross Country BC will be that community by:

  • valuing and respecting all members, their roles, interests and aspirations;

  • tenaciously committing to the consistent achievement of excellence – fulfilling dreams, creating heroes and inspiring pride;

  • providing tools and resources for a seamless and progressive continuum of athlete development;

  • promoting broadly-based participation in the healthy outdoors lifestyle of our sport; and

  • demonstrating and advocating ethical conduct in all of our undertakings.