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My Trail Etiquette Promise

If I practice good trail etiquette it will make skiing more fun for everyone!

  • When I overtake a slower skier I can call out “track” or I can move to the left and go around them.
  • When faster skiers come up behind me I will move to the right and let them pass.
  • If I meet another skier head on I will pass to the right.
  • If a trail is too narrow for two skiers to pass, I will wait until the other skier passes.
  • I will remember that skiers coming down a hill have the right of way.
  • If I need to stop, or if I fall, I will move off the trail to allow clear passage for other skiers.
  • I will move off the trail if I want to visit with my ski-friends.
  • I will not take my pets on the ski trails.
  • I will not litter and I will pack out what I packed in.
  • I will respect the custom and say a friendly ‘hello’ when passing other skiers.
  • I will obey the trail signs and ski in designated areas only.