2017-18 Provincial Team Nominations »

2017-18 Provincial Team Nominations

BC Ski Team

Alana Brittin (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Alex McDonald (Telemark Nordic Club)
Anna Goodwin  (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Annika Richardson (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Benita Peiffer (Whistler Nordic Ski Club)
Beth Granstrom (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Cole Turner (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)
Elizabeth Elliot (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Gareth Williams (Telemark Nordic Club)
Hannah Mehain (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)
Jenna Sim (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Julien Locke (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club)
Kaia Andal (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)
Kate Granstrom (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Katie Weaver (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Kayden Sim (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Michael Murdoch (Whistler Nordic Ski Club)
Molly Miller (Kimberley Nordic Ski Club)
Natalie Wilkie (Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society)
Rachel May (Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society)
Remi Drolet (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club)
Tallon Noble (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Thomas Hardy (Telemark Nordic Club)

Athletes identified for camp opportunities with BC Ski Team:

Alexander Corbett (Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society)
Daniel Merlo (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club)
Eric Byram (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club)
Fran Vukonic (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Michaela McLean (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club)
Ryan Williams (Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club)
Sage Robine (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club)
Travis Pete (Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club)

BC Development Squad

Aiden Noble (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Benjamin Shipley (Telemark Nordic Club)
Connor Hobbs (Telemark Nordic Club)
Emmy Stapff (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Erik Brosch (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Fred Albrectson (Nickel Plate Cross Country Ski Club)
Gabriel Gledhill (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Hanneli Ladyman (Overlander Ski Club)
Ian Oliphant (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)
Ian Williams (Telemark Nordic Club)
asmine Drolet (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club)
Jesse Smids (Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club)
Joe Davies (Whistler Nordic Ski Club)
Jordan Bax (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)
Julia Brown (Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society)
Katia Lumb (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Kolibri Drobish (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Konrad van Varseveld (Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society)
Mackenzie McLean (Kimberley Nordic Ski Club)
Maggie Beckner (Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society)
Maggie Rodwell (Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society)
Marielle Ackerman (Kimberley Nordic Ski Club)
Mia Recknell (Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club)
Mila Wittenberg (Whistler Nordic Ski Club)
Page Latta (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)
Quinn Morgan (Golden Nordic Ski Club)
Rachel Bates (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Ross Lamon (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Stephen Lamon (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Sydney Wilson (Kimberley Nordic Ski Club)
Tristan Lee (Telemark Nordic Club)

BC Talent Squad
Note: a number of athletes born in 2002 and named below are expected to be named to the BC Development Squad when those nominations are posted in April.

Aiden Hay (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club) 
Amelia Wells (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Calvin Hepburn (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Claire Van Bergeyk (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Conor Murphy (Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club)
Damien Georgyev (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)
Dylan Gyr (Nelson Nordic Ski Club)
Elliot Wilson (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Emily Macleod (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Emma Wong (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Garrett Siever (Telemark Nordic Club)
Grace Turner (Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club)
Gregor Graham (Telemark Nordic Club)
Gregory Baxter (Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club)
Hugo Henckel (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Ian Mayer (Telemark Nordic Club)
Isabelle Wilkie (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Jaclyn Elliot (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club)
Joshua Fiala (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)
Julianne Moore (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Katie Thielman (Larch Hills Nordic Society) 
Kaden Kwiatkowski (Overlander Ski Club)       
Lucas Sadesky (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)
Lucy Elliot (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Lys Milne (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Marlie Molinaro (Spud Valley Nordic Ski Club)
Martin Williamson (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)
Masha Stich (Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club)
Noah Malenfant (Nelson Nordic Ski Club)
Pedar Ree (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)
Samantha Vukodinovic (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Sasha Bishop (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)
Sophia Van Varseveld (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Stephen Moore (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Taz  Oldaker (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)
Torin Andrews (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)
Tristan Lee (Telemark Nordic Club)
Trond May (Larch Hills Nordic Society)
Zara Bucher (Larch Hills Nordic Society)

BC Para-Nordic Team

Andy Lin (Nordic Racers)
Emily Young (Telemark Nordic Club)
Ethan Hess (Nordic Racers)
Lindsey McDonald (Nordic Racers)
Natalie Wilkie (Larch Hills Nordic Society)

BC Para-Nordic Squad

Maya Jones (Nordic Racers)

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Please direct any enquiries to the CCBC Athlete Development Coordinator Dudley Coulter at: adcoord@crosscountrybc.ca