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Gender Equity Policy

September, 2005; revised January, 2010 


1.       Gender Equity is the principle and process of allocating resources, programs and decision-making fairly to both males and females without discrimination on the basis of gender.


2.       Gender equity is an integral part of Cross Country BC’s day to day operations.  The nature of cross-country skiing permits full and equal participation by males and females in the sport. 

3.       CCBC endeavors to ensure that benefits for all members, regardless of gender, shall be consistently applied.  

4.       Where possible, CCBC will establish gender equity goals and will monitor its own progress towards those gender equity goals as well as providing leadership and assistance to divisions in monitoring the progress towards those goals. Selection for individual participation in any area of CCBC must address qualifications of the individual first. CCBC will ensure that qualifications are not gender-biased and do not unduly restrict equitable participation of either gender.


5.       This policy applies to all employees, directors, volunteers, coaches, officials, athletes, and members of CCBC while engaged in the activities of the organization.


6.       Ensure that all CCBC members, be they women or men, have equal access to a complete range of opportunities and resources within all aspects of its sport programs and its sport management.

Policy Statements

7.       CCBC is committed to monitoring its progress towards its objective and adjusting its operations if required.

8.       Gender equity will be promoted as an integral part of all aspects of CCBC including:

  • ·         the opportunity for membership on the Board of Directors and in its operations
  • ·         the composition and leadership of the Management Committees
  • ·         achieving gender equity/balance in the administration, program leadership, policies and programs of CCBC.
  • ·         the basis for planning and action of the organization, its committees, and coaches
  • ·         the content of resource and multi-media educational and promotional materials,
  • ·         the content and delivery of instructional material (coaching, officials…)
  • ·         the development and implementation of assessment/monitoring practices,
  • ·         the delivery of coaching, officials, technical, and other program environments,
  • ·         the working environment for staff, coaches, and athletes,
  • ·         the relationship between coaches and athletes, and the relationships among athletes and coaches and the executive.

9.       CCBC will develop effective strategies and resources to increase the participation of either males or females where an inequitable gender balance occurs in any leadership, athletic, or program area.  For example, where gaps in achieving gender equity occur in program areas (for example in all coaching or officiating programs and services), CCBC will create special opportunities to advance the number and levels of men or women (which ever gender is under represented), by providing and supporting mentoring and apprenticeship programs.

10.     CCBC will promote the development of an organization ensuring that all individuals are provided the information, training and support to contribute effectively.

11.     CCBC will identify, promote and support where feasible, the concerns and needs of both genders in the development, updating, and/or delivering of CCBC policies, programs and projects.

12.     CCBC will encourage and advocate both males and females to act as role models for young participants to show that both males and females are leaders in cross country skiing.

13.     CCBC will portray cross country skiing in all aspects of its advertising and communication without gender bias, reflecting the positive involvement of males and females at all levels, in all roles.

14.     CCC will advocate and lobby all levels of government and private sector supporters to enhance cross country ski-related opportunities for both genders.