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The Callaghan Valley Training Centre (CVTC) is a high performance training center working within the framework of Cross Country Canada. It's mission is to produce successful skiers at the World Cup level.

It is the objective of the CVTC to provide a concentration of world-class training facilities, coaching and sport science resources for cross-country ski athletes. As part of its mandate, the training centre provides in reach and outreach programs to support the development of selected athletes and coaches through mentoring, clinics, workshops, and training camps.

CVTC is headquartered at the Whistler Athlete Centre which includes an Olympic-legacy High Performance Centre with a 4,000 sqft strength/conditioning gym, human performance testing lab, meeting room, contrast bath and regeneration room and the CVTC office. The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic competition venue (Whistler Olympic Park) is located approx. 15 mins from the Athlete Centre. This includes a 137km network of ski trails. The venue also has 5km of roller ski trails plus many km of access roads suitable for roller skiing. 5km of lit trails, permanent buildings with meeting rooms, food service and showers are also incorporated into the venue. Ski season extends from early Nov. to June. The Lost Lake Ski Area is located 15 mins from the Athlete Centre in the opposite direction from WOP. Their system provides over 30km of trails, lit trails and a day lodge in downtown Whistler. This facility operates from Dec. to March. In addition there are 42km of paved trails suitable for roller skiing within the Municipality.

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15 minutes from Whistler Olympic Park

  • 90+ km of trails + 5 km of lit trails
  • 5 km roller ski loop + 10 km access road
  • Skiing from November - June
  • Elevation from 820 - 1400 metres
  • Great single track and wider summer trails

Whistler Mountain (endless ski walking and alpine hiking routes)

Whistler Athlete Centre and Canadian Sport Institute

  • State of the Art strength training facilities
  • Testing and high performance support

Whistler Resort Municipality

  • Swimming Pool
  • 30 + km of paved roller ski trails
  • Rollerskiing on Alta Lake Road & Duffey Lake Road
  • 30 + km of groomed trail at Lost Lake

The majority of training sessions start at your front door!