2.7 Athlete Code of Conduct »

To ensure the best possible environment in which to strive for excellence, Cross Country BC (CCBC) has established the following Code of Conduct for all members of its provincial team programs.


Athletes should:

  1. strive to be positive and supportive of other team members;
  2. work as a cooperative member of the team;
  3. show appreciation for coaches, officials and others directly or indirectly supporting the provincial team program;
  4. assist in the development of cross country skiing in British Columbia by responding in a helpful manner to reasonable requests for assistance from clubs and to reasonable requests for information from the press.


Athletes must:

  1. compete within the spirit and meaning of the International Ski Federation (FIS.) and Cross Country Canada (CCC) competition rules, and maintain respect for the authority of officials at all competitions;
  2. maintain respect and consideration towards the public, coaches, administrators, volunteers, officials and other athletes;
  3. represent the Province of British Columbia and the sport of cross country skiing in a dignified and responsible manner; 
  4. treat with respect all property owned, rented or borrowed by CCBC, including team vehicles, rental cars, motels, team clothing, billet's property and team equipment;
  5. maintain a clean appearance and attire;
  6. not visit the rooms of other athletes after curfew;
  7. confirm with Team Leaders their whereabouts and activities at all times when away from the team accommodations, camp headquarters or race site (Junior Athletes);
  8. not publicly criticize CCBC programs, sponsors, clothing, equipment or personnel/volunteers, but instead voice any valid concerns directly through the normal CCBC political process;
  9. never use tobacco;
  10. never use alcohol while attending a team activity without exception (Junior Athletes);
  11. never use alcohol while attending a team activity without prior consent of the Head Coach or his/her delegate (Senior Athletes).



Disciplinary and appeal procedures are outlined in the CCBC Athlete Manual


I, by signing this document, indicate that I have read, understood, and agree to follow the Cross Country BC Athlete’s Code of Conduct as an integral part of the Cross Country BC Athlete Agreement. 

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