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Officials Code of Conduct

Approved: March 22, 1997

The role of the official is oversee the event from a position of objective impartiality and to guarantee that the rights of each competitor as stated in the rules and regulations will be upheld in the competition.

An official should assume their responsibilities in a manner that will earn them the respect and support of competitors, coaches, spectators and media. A successful competition is a reflection on the club and all the other volunteers involved in the event, and that success is dependent on the performance of each individual.

Officials have a responsibility to:

1. supervise and control the event in a manner which reflects the spirit and intent of the rules and regulations

2. serve the best interests of all competitors

3. provide competition which will preserve the health and safety of all involved

4. guarantee that each competitor receives an equal and fair opportunity to win

5. promote sportsmanship and an atmosphere of enjoyment

6. respect the need of each competitor to be considered a worthy participant

7. encourage all competitors equally

8. be as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible

9. respect and support the efforts of other volunteers through a spirit of cooperation

10. accept assignments only if you are qualified, or willing to become qualified to handle it

11. keep up-to-date with current rules and procedures that effect your areas of responsibility

12. accept an assignment to officiate only if you plan to honor the commitment; and, if an emergency arises and you are unable to attend, inform the appropriate major official as soon as possible

13. be on time for your assignment (that means you are there before you are needed)

14. remain flexible and adaptive in your thinking to accommodate those inevitable last minute changes