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Persons with a Disability Policy

Equity and access to the citizens of British Columbia with a disability has always been a part of Cross Country BC. Now, with the inclusion of the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers (CADS) and Canadian Association of Athletes with Mental Handicap (CAAMH) into our National Sport Organization, Cross Country Canada, this has become an even larger part of our sport. The nature of cross country skiing allows for participation by those with disabilities, be it physical or intellectual.

Cross Country BC is committed to ensuring that all its members, be they women or men, able-bodied or disabled (physically or intellectually), have equal access to a complete range of opportunities within all aspects of the sport.

Cross Country BC encourages all members to participate as athletes, coaches, officials and volunteer leaders and ensures that benefits for all members shall be consistent and equal. An ongoing integration process is underway to meet the needs and programs for all members, be they able-bodied or disabled.